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Compliance at Mineralz (a Renewi company)

For more than 30 years, Mineralz (formerly known as 'Van Gansewinkel Minerals') has been active in cleaning polluted soil and recycling residual flows into secondary raw materials. Mineralz strives for optimal reuse. Waste that does not have a sustainable end use is processed in order to be deposited environmentally friendly on-site.

Many different laws, rules and regulations apply to their activities. Mineralz does not only have to comply with these complex requirements, but also prove compliance.


Nico Bartels

“You're only compliant if you can prove it. It shows that you actually know what you’re talking about.”


Mineralz wanted to achieve the following objectives:

  • (1) A practical method to demonstrably comply with all requirements, norms, laws and regulations.
  • (2) Structured collection of evidence that requirements are met.
  • (3) Automatic notification to the right person in case of detected non-compliance.

The extensive and complex environmental permit, the governing activity law, and internal safety and quality requirements made it very difficult to substantiate how all these requirements were met. The existing tools offered insufficient structure and control.


Alveus Compliance Solutions has provided a fully operational Mantis application for Mineralz, location Maasvlakte. In close co- operation with Mineralz, Alveus has translated the requirements into questions that can be answered by the operators on the work floor. The feedback of the operators on these questions continuously improves the quality of these questions.


Mantis provides Mineralz insight into the level of compliance. Mantis has made checking requirements easy, user friendly and especially practical.

The verification process is initiated and controlled by Mantis. Because the execution of checks is easy the checks are executed regularly and the quality of the checks is higher than before using Mantis. In the event of non- compliance, the responsible employee is automatically alerted, so that immediate action can be taken.

Because the operators now carry out the controls themselves, they learn to know the rules surrounding their own work. This increases the awareness of the operators. This has resulted in them preventing non- compliance outside the compliance checks.